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With its headquarter in Basel, Switzerland, and technical operations in Spain, MYCOSYM® is a company developing and marketing a biological technology based on mycorrhiza, a natural symbiotic association between beneficial soil fungi and plant roots.

MYCOSYM provides innovative plant enhancement products; their use is justified by additional benefits provided to the user such as increased harvest quantity and quality, healthier plants, stress tolerance, and reduced needs for water, fertilizers and crop protection treatments.
Mycorrhiza technologies are soft, kind to the environment, and contribute to safer food production.

Therefore, the MYCOSYM team is proud of its contribution to sustainable agriculture.

MYCOSYM considers that scientific knowledge and excellence in technology are of prime importance.

With a credible, professional approach, MYCOSYM aims at establishing new standards in the cultivation of plants.

MYCOSYM aims at establishing mycorrhiza

as a new standard in the cultivation of plants.

Under the flag name MYCOSYM a holding company is structured as:

   MYCOSYM International AG in Basel, Switzerland.

        Strategic and international development.

   MYCOSYM-TRITON S.L. registered in Riogordo, Málaga, Spain.

        Technical development, Production, Marketing & Sales.

   Other R&D functions as well as general services are outsourced to third parties.