Establishing Mycorrhiza as a New Standard
for Growing Plants

MYCOSYM® provides valuable technologies that

are soft, safe and kind to the environment,

contribute to sustainability in agriculture and gardening,

and offer economic return to their users.


Our products contribute to:

  • Meet current challenges in water management
  • Improve plant nutrition and reduce fertilizers run-off
  • Tolerate environmental stresses from drought and plant diseases
  • Enhance soil life and soil structure


MYCOSYM® is developing and marketing a technology based on mycorrhiza, a natural symbiotic association between soil fungi and plant roots, where both are surviving and growing with the help of each other.

In this association, characterized by the movement of plant-produced carbon to the fungus on one hand, and fungal-acquired nutrients to the plant on the other one, the colonized plant is vitalized; it builds a stronger root system and an extended mycelium that enable it to efficiently use water and nutrients, as well as to protect itself from environmental stress factors such as drought, salt, pollutants, or root diseases.

As a consequence, plant growth under and above the ground will be promoted, and plant vigour will be enhanced, providing clear benefits such as:

  • Vigorous and Healthy Plants

  • Biomass and Crop Yield Increase

  • Water Usage Reduction by up to 50%

  • Better Use of Less Fertilizers

  • Higher Survival after Transplantation