Our foundation product.

Fungus: Glomus intraradices
Inert support: granular expanded clay

Bioassay: > 650 IMP/g
Spore count: > 150 /g
Apparent density: 280 kg/m3

Specification Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet

Available in
1.5 kg bag (~5 litre)
7.5 kg box (~25 litre)
25 kg drum (~85 litre)


New!   MYCOSYM® Herba

Fungus: Glomus intraradices
Biologically adapted to grasses.
Inert support: granular expanded clay

To be used exclusively for lawn and turf.

Spore count: > 150 /g
Apparent density: 280 kg/m3

Specification Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet

Available in 25 kg drum (~85 litre)



Specially milled product for mechanized application and for mixing with substrates.

Fungus: Glomus intraradices
Inert support: coarse clay powder

Spore count: > 100 /g
Apparent density:~700 kg/m3

Specification Sheet AdMix100
Material Safety data Sheet

Available in
3.5 kg can



Product in development

Forms a gel with water, to be injected into the soil, near an already existing root system.

Our Products

All MYCOSYM products are of natural origin, obtained from strains of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (endo-mycorrhizal) fungi that are generally available all around the world.

They are safe for humans and for the environment.
The products contain fungal spores and hyphae, together with mycorrhized root fragments, on an inert carrier.

A uniquely efficient process for inoculum production has been developed, delivering a granular product with high activity and long storage stability. Also, a patent was granted for a milling process to obtain a powder in which living spores are preserved.

Large industrial capacities are available.

Quality Assurance

To ensure conformity with specifications it is not enough to test the product after it has been produced.

Therefore, a complete quality assurance scheme is put in place from the beginning of the production process until the release to the customer:

  • The production premises are thoroughly disinfected.
  • Raw materials are microbiologically tested.
  • During the entire production the absence of plant pathogens is monitored, and
           utensils are kept clean to prevent any contamination
  • The final product is tested for
  •                •  Spore identification and count

                   •  Bioassay (Most Probable Number of Inoculation Propagules)

                   •  Mycorrhizal infection potential (MIP)

                   •  Absence of phytotoxicity

                   •  Absence of pathologic levels of pathogens of high concern

                   •  Physico-chemical parameters: N, P, K, humidity, pH

    Organic Agriculture

    In Spain the"Comité Andaluz de Agricultura Ecológica" has approved the three MYCOSYM products for their use in Organic Agriculture.
    CAAE is an institution recognized by the European Union and the USDA.

    Download the certificate.